About us.

Organico foods global enterprise limited is a young,creative and ambitious African company with a global perspective.
The company was started to grow and serve the interest of the changing
business environments in the country and across the continent
We are at the heart of the value chain, making things to work, connecting the the producers to the consumers.

Organico Foods Global has interest in Food, Agribusiness, manufacturing/processing, supplying, export and import business, Mechanized farming business and research and development.
we have networks of customers from small businesses to big companies that we supply raw materials and manufactured goods to across the America, Africa, Europe and Asia.
This feat has afforded us the opportunity to significantly create wealth and value to the players at the value chain, especially at the point of raw materials sourcing and procurement. The smallholder farmers and local communities benefits from our training, empowerment and grants to enable them to effectively carried out the 21st century farming and reap added value to their efforts.The rest of the players at the top of the values chain also get their fair share.

We understand the challenges along the various levels of the value chain and have the expertise to deliver, and this is why our customers, partners and other stakeholders in our industry trust and depend on us.