Register and participate in a six weeks masterclass on Business- Products Exportation and Food Processing and Packaging.
The Era of crude oil Export business is coming to an end, and a New Era is beginning in the area of Agro-business. This has opened more opportunities for Africans through Mechanized Farming, processing, manufacturing and export of agricultural raw materials, processed goods and manufactured goods to international markets and also to the local markets in neighbouring countries.
Agro-business has been valued as a Trillion Dollar business, and Africa has the most significant comparative advantage in terms of fertile land, enormous workshop, etc., when compared with other areas. 
The question for all Interested participants is: What percentage of this Trillion Dollar business are you willing to take? 
Who should participate: If you are –
 * An undergraduate, graduate, working-class( public and private), pensioner, trader/ business owner and anyone who wants to make money in the agro-business space in Nigeria and also earn Dollars in foreign exchange exporting goods to the global market. 
What to Expect:  Throughout the six weeks masterclass, participants will learn how to get into:
 *The non-oil export business in the Agro-business space in Nigeria. 
*Learn the basics of international trades, products that are traded and where to focus on, 
*How to prepare export contract documents. How to source for, agricultural products, processing, packaging, preservation, testing and certification, finding markets and the how-to ship goods ( raw materials, processed and manufactured goods ) out of the country to the market. 
*How to develop a business plan, business model  for your business and pitch your idea to investors. 
* Continuous support, collaboration and mentor-ship that will make your dream of export business possible. 
How to participate  
Make payment into the account details provided and send us the evidence of payment and your name, WhatsApp number, Valid email Address, location, state to the phone number listed on the flier and you will be contacted on the next line of action to take, at least 3 days before the commencement of the master class ( i.e.11th December 2019).

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